LauRie is all about long lasting products. The fact that many of our products have been an essential part of women’s wardrobe for years make us proud. Not only does it mean that the quality and the design is something worth keeping, it also means that there is less waste of clothes – something our surroundings and our environment benefits from. Our goal is that minimum 60% of the LauRie collection is age- & season-less so that it will bring the customers joy for many years to come.

Long term relationships

Close and long term relationships mean the world to us. We believe that an open and honest dialogue with all people involved in LauRie can prevent a lot of unnecessary problems from ever happening. Production with a few dedicated and highly skilled factories in Europe means that we can not only react fast (which is essential for a day-to-day stock program to be successful) but also builds a strong relationship with the people throughout the entire production chain. Less mistakes in the daily communication between people means better products and creates room for innovation and creative thinking.

Besides creating long lasting products we support several key issues. We have joined the United Nations Global Compact – the World’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, which struggle for human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Along with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), we strive to improve human- and labor rights in our productions.

It’s got to feel right – For now / for later / forever