"Give a gift that has not left a mark on the world, but which will definitely make an impression on the people you love."

Valentine's Day is often associated with romance, heart-shaped balloons and boxes of chocolates. At LauRie, this week is all about love and to celebrate Valentine's Day we have created two beautiful T-shirts that will make the perfect Valentine gift.

The T-shirts have been produced without the use of harmful chemicals and are made from organic cotton. Cotton is one of the crops that get sprayed the most. About 25% of the world's use of pesticides goes into the production of cotton. Along with intensive usage of synthetic fertilisers, these pesticides can ruin our soil, our drinking water and our health. 

No nasty chemical residue

As much as 900 grams of chemicals are used to produce one kilogram of finished conventional clothing. There is often chemical residue in the clothing, which is gradually released as the clothes are worn. This residue then ends up inside the person wearing the clothing. LauRie wants to be a part of stopping this, which is why this Valentine's Day we will be spreading love. Not chemicals.

In 2016, LauRie became the first female brand in Denmark to gain Oeko-Tex100 certification. Our T-shirts are thus a gentle reminder of the fact that we need to stand together and take care of the environment. We know that a T-shirt won't change the world, but LauRie is a good place to start.