Magic Slim jeans

Our popular Magic Slim jeans are equipped with internal stitching that tethers the front of the trousers through the pockets. This creates a flattering form that gently lifts the stomach and behind without feeling tight. You are therefore guaranteed a high level of movement and comfort with Magic Slim jeans. LauRie’s Magic Slim technology is patented, and we offer a wide selection of Magic Slim jeans in various colours, lengths and silhouettes.
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Magic Slim

Patented technology

Magic Slim is a patented technology that tethers the front of the jeans through the pockets, ensuring a flattering shape without feeling tight. LauRie’s meticulous approach to fit was the starting point for the development of the technique. It took us a whole year from the idea to the finished product, as nothing was left to chance. That means that today you’re guaranteed Magic Slim trousers to highlight your best assets. Discover our range of Magic Slim jeans here.

Current trends

Every year we renew our range with two new clothing collections, inspired by the current season’s trends in design, colours and materials. The collections bring together fashion and comfort and can always be mixed and matched, giving you and your personal style the chance to shine through. Although LauRie reflects current trends, our goal is to make at least 60% of our clothing collections non-seasonal, meaning you can wear your purchases again and again.