Jeans - the world's most popular garment and loved by women of all ages. Always in fashion and so timeless that only the imagination limits the how and when to wear them. The extensive program of long lasting and high quality stretch denims from LauRie ensures an ultimate feeling of comfort and well-being. Jeans from LauRie are available as 5-pocket or with elastic waistband and in a variety of lengths and silhouettes.
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Jeans, also called denim jeans, are made of the resistant denim fabric into several shapes, colours, and designs. At LaRie you will find a wide range of stylish jeans for women who do not only follow the latest fashion but also constantly seek the perfect fit for their own body. LauRie appreciates the female curves in all forms, which is reflecting in our wide selection of jeans-fits. Additionally, our jeans are all made of pure materials without any chemicals. Therefore, our jeans are organic, sustainable and extremely eco-friendly.

Fashion trends

LauRie’s jeans are available in a wide range design from slim fit, skinny fit and straight fit to loose fit jeans, bootcut jeans, and jeans with stretch. You can also choose the LauRie-jeans between low waist and high waist, which enables you to select jeans matching to your personal preferences of waist-fit. We carry jeans in every shade – anything from coated jeans, shiny jeans, leather jeans and jeans with patterns of flowers, dots and stripes. At LauRies you also find jeans with various decorations that will give your outfit a personal touch. As an example, you can choose between jeans with buttons on the sides and laces, as well as jeans with zippers at the back and down to the legs.


All of our jeans provide extraordinary fit and reflect the fashion of the current season. We renew our assortment with two new collections each year, so you can find the jeans for women in the most trendy colours, designs, and decorations. Expand your wardrobe with a pair of the stylish LauRie's jeans that both provide the comfortable fit and the reflection of the latest trends.