7/8 or cropped trousers – regardless of name this is the must-have item in any wardrobe. Flexible and flattering length that ends just above the ankle on tall women and works perfectly as a pair of long trousers for the minor. These popular trousers are available in three feminine silhouettes - slim, regular and loose, and lots of interesting colors - all with interesting details. 7/8 trousers from LauRie are available in 5-pocket or with elastic waistband.
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Cropped trousers



Cropped trousers, also called 7/8 trousers, are becoming a rather popular wearing among women in all ages. These trousers are characterized by the trimmed length that is up around the ankles – hence the term “cropped” resembles the long trousers that are cut short. At LauRie you will find these cropped trousers for women in various colours, materials, and fits. You can both acquire cropped jeans in denim fabric as well as in other materials such as silk, cotton, wool, and jersey. As with our other selections of trousers, our cropped trousers for women are available in several fits, so you can feel the comfort when you wear the LauRie-trousers.

Fashion trends

LauRie’s selection of cropped trousers reflects the elegance, classic style, and the newest trends. We regularly update our assortment with two new collections each year in order for us to guarantee the stylish trousers to match the current trends of the seasons. You will, therefore, find the comfortable and elegant cropped trousers at LauRie that all mirror the most trendy colours, materials, and designs. Even though the LauRie’s assortment reflects the style and fashion, it is primarily the perfect fit of our cropped trousers selection that will win your heart, as it is essential for us that you feel comfortable in the LauRie-trousers. Here in our online shop, you will find a wide range of cropped jeans that are not only elegant and chic, but also provide the ultimate comfort for your body.